Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A series?

Jeff pointed out that these four images seem to form some sort of a little series. I did them all around the same time but didn't intend for them to work like that - so what was it that made them go together so well? My initial thoughts were that they all seem both somber and surreal, but on closer inspection I realised that they're all looking down and to the right. Sheesh, talk about uninspired! The very top image, by the way, was done for my friend Rachel's birthday.

You should go check out Jeff's blog if I didn't already arouse your interest in the previous paragraph - the man has talent! I'll add him to the tiny list of artfriends on the right of this blog.

And here's a couple of sketchpages that haven't been posted elsewhere, to keep the punters happy. The girls arm didn't quite work out.


Greg said...

Great stuff in here! I really dig the last two in the series. They've got a lot of mystery to them.

pablo pablo said...

cool jobs!

Cory said...

The girl with long har looks like it should be associated with a vinyl record or something. Groovy stuff!

Daim said...

cool as always.

Like top one..........alot my friend

&Rew said...

i like that ghost image. it's pretty cool an etherial looking. that's a nice series you've got. continue the hell outa it. (^__^)


Kal said...

The kid with the bunny is fantastic
Is there any way I could get a print?

Pinflux said...

Thanks for the interest Kal!

If there's enough around here that you like I could send you a few prints of the images you want as well as some original sketches, for a reasonable price.

If you just want that one, it might be easier for me to send you a high resolution file so you can print it yourself.

You can email me at jeremy at rhubarbzoo dot com.

Richard Taylor said...

Great art work! Cheers!