Friday, August 29, 2008


A CD cover I made for my little brother using my own photos - the album is a mix of the recordings Animal Collective did during the time they recorded the album Strawberry Jam. I tried to retain the visual aesthetic they went for with that album and the recent EP Water Curses.


daimon j said...

I love your stuff.

just found this blog.

Im 34, been doing computer gaphics (3d) for 7 yrs or so. Seeing your work makes me get back to my drawing roots.

Thanx for the inspiration.

Pinflux said...

Hey Daim, thanks so much for the nice comment! Really appreciate the sentiment. You should whip out the pencil next time you're stuck for something to do or bored in town - I don't think the drawing bug ever really goes away :)


daimon j said...

I agree.

I try to do alot from memory but man it hard. I know reference is the way to teach your brain to know what goes where. I did see your comment about the 30 sec pose site with iimages that flick up - real good little resource. Talk soon. I will enjoy looking at your site. Have a great sat night (im at home doing an assignment) :)