Saturday, March 8, 2008


I have a tonne of pictures in my 'to blog' folder that I just haven't gotten around to putting up yet, so I'll dump a few of 'em now and more later.

The first is a Photoshop painting done using a reference photograph I took of my brother. I added a progress picture too - the first four frames show me playing with the photo to get the look I wanted and from there I started to sketch and colour the piece. The rest are speedpaints done in OpenCanvas - for the first I directly referenced the great Zhaoming Wu - his landscapes blow my mind completely.

What I really need to learn with colour is subtlety - pieces that really stand out to me are the ones that use small amounts of shifting colour effectively rather than bashing you over the head (like most of my sketches above). Again using Zhaoming Wu's landscapes as an example - his paintings of fog and fading light are just incredible.

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