Thursday, February 21, 2008


The first is from an OpenCanvas session with Neil and Daniel last night, the second is gesture anatomy practice done from the amazing website Pose Maniacs that I discovered today.
It gives you a single CG image of a pose and gives you a time limit to complete the drawing before it switches to the next, just like gestures in life drawing class. Unlike life drawing, the angles are all over the place and foreshortening is rife, which makes it a tonne of a lot more tricky (and interesting) to manage. The standard time is 30 seconds but I couldn't handle it (check top left of page), so I changed it to a nice 90 seconds. I also decided to keep going until the canvas was full, which was perhaps an error of judgement given the 5000 x 5000 pixel canvas size. Almost a hundred poses later it felt like my eyes were bleeding.


Cory said...

Sweet, so sweet. Why oh why dont I have a tablet yet?

Marcelo Vignali said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment.

I think your interest in the human form is going to pay off in silver dollars for you. You are simply tenacious! That's a ton of sketches you crammed onto that page.

I happen to be a strong believer in figure drawing because I've seen it work wonders for my work. I hope it has the same effect for you. The difference is that I don't try to draw what I see, but rather design what I see. If I simply drew what I saw I'd would only have developed rendering skills, not design skills.

Your photo blog is also good.

Also, if you are interested in my work, I think you'll also enjoy Armand Serrano's work. He's another former Disney artist, now Sony artist, fellow Christian, and good friend. He worked with Paul Lasaine and I on Surf's Up.

Also Marcos Mateu. This Spaniard is simply amazing, one of the best draftsman I've ever encountered. He worked with us on Surf's Up and Hotel -- also had some fun doing some El Pacifico comic stuff when we had that going. He's a good friend of mine, and all around great guy.

Both men have links on my site. Also, there's a link to El Pacifico under "Community Blog Links."

That Darn Tu-Anh! said...

VERY nice gesture sketches! GOod Job! :]