Saturday, February 14, 2009


Last November I flew down to Wellington with some friends to attend Massive Black's Marama workshop. I had a great few days; Learnt stuff, did a bunch of life drawing, and best of all, met some awesome and talented peeps who I still keep in contact with (Check Jez and Tom, whom I have added to my friends list on the right hand side of the blog).

I also entered the Thunderdome contest, the theme being self portrait. Amazingly, I won the contest and took home a Carl Dobsky original drawn from one of the models over the weekend, an art easel signed by all the massive black guys, a couple of DVD's and a bunch of girl's T-shirts!

I also put together a portfolio for the guys to crit, getting lots of positive feedback. I've included some of the pages below, even though it's mostly a collage of things I've posted here before.

Dobsky's portrait (drooool)


Cory said...

I cant believe I know this guy!!

Rendez said...

man, I wish I could attend a Massive Black Workshop. Cool stuff yet again. I really like the photoshop painting of the male figure with the green background. The torso rendering is badass.

nachos said...

Hay Jeremy hey howsit goin man long time no see you still rocking those x-ray goggles? If your self portrait is anything to go by I'm gonna say yes. I like your stuff man especially your photoshop skills they are certainly bad-ass. Any other freelance kids with talent kicking round on blogspot?