Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some more

1) Random girl with stuffed animals at the musuem
2) Doodles - and a real life text message conversation I had with a stranger who accidentally text me instead of 'da bro reakt' (my first reply was 'who is this sorry' but I quickly adapted to his texting style)
3) More stoopid doodles, figuring how to draw a cowboy hat in perspective.
4) Bus doodles
5) All from reference pictures I got from a book on drawing the body in foreshortening. Good practice.


kmiyake said...

wow, your stuff is really great- i esp like the ones under Tinker. good job!

Cory said...

Hey J boy! Careful, this is almost starting to look like regular updates!

tom said...

Yo J dizzle! *ahem* I really like the second page on this update, the three in the middle of that page are sooooooo rad. so so rad. Awesome cowboy hat too. :]